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German state wants to use MILLION dollar private jets to deport migrants

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Mr Söder, the Premier of Bavaria, has continuously lashed out at Angela Merkel for her relaxed immigration rules, and has vowed to take unilateral action on migrants arriving to the conservative southern German state.

On Tuesday, Mr Söder declared plans to take action against asylum seekers, after it emerged that 1,200 were illegally granted the right to remain in Germany having been wrongly approved after bribes were allegedly paid.

The goal is to speed up both the asylum process and deportations for those denied protection. Bavaria also wants to operate its own charter flights to deport migrants.

Bavarian’s Premier announced strict limits on cash payments for migrants and plans to increase deportations, as well as new rules to hold migrants seeking asylum in detention centres.

Mr Söder said: “We want to show that the rule of law here is functional and could be a model for all of Germany.

“We want to increase the deportation pressure all together, thus becoming a model for other federal states.

“This would organise the deportation so that it is significantly more effective and more targeted.”

Mr Söder failed to explain further details such as the number of planes involved, but added that Bavaria’s new strategy would be better than waiting on more complicated federal bureaucratic procedures.

He also added that the policy would inevitably make Bavaria a less attractive place to asylum seekers.

The stark contrast between Bavaria’s ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) party and Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) immigration policy began in 2015, when Bavaria saw a backlash in Germany’s open-door policy, which saw almost a million immigrants arrive in Germany.

The CSU said it was responding to public demands to expel migrants who have no right for protection, sending  a clear warning to future asylum seekers of Bavaria’s new stringent immigration policy.

Mr Söder plans to train 1,000 new police officers to monitor the wealth southern state’s border with Austria as well establishing seven detention centres for migrants to be held until authorities make their decision on their asylum applications.

The Bavarian Premier was appointed the prime minister of Bavaria in March after the CSU made a poor comeback in local elections, after failing to address Germany’s widespread immigration problem four years in coalition with Mrs Merkel’s CDU.

Mr Söder has been known for implementing Bavaria’s own identity politics, including its conservative Christian culture which is in stark contrast to much of liberal western and northern Germany.

In April, he backed a law mandating that a cross must be affixed to every public building in Bavaria, declaring it a “fundamental symbol of our Bavarian way of life”.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/969956/germany-immigration-munich-bavaria-private-jet-angela-merkel-markus-soder

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