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Foster presses Home Secretary to make it easier for skilled migrants to settle in NI

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Author: Sajid Javid

The DUP leader Arlene Foster today met with Home Secretary Sajid Javid in Belfast, where they discussed immigration to Northern Ireland.

Mrs Foster, whose party still shores up the Conservative government, met Mr Javid at a time when the Conservatives are looking for a new leader.

Mr Javid, the son of Pakistani immigrants, is among the potential candidates.

After the meeting the DUP said discussions included issues relating to the Immigration Bill and development of the economy post-Brexit.

The bill is designed to end free EU movement, and bring EU citizens in the UK under the auspices of UK immigration law.

“It was a pleasure to welcome the Home Secretary to Belfast and to have a useful discussion with him,” said Mrs Foster.

“Diane Dodds and I have engaged with the Home Secretary previously on the Immigration Bill and he has agreed to looking at the issue of regional pay.

“Previously, the Migration Advisory Committee had recommended a salary threshold of £30,000 for skilled migrants coming to the UK. This is a high threshold which is not reflective of the labour market in Northern Ireland or some other UK regions.

“It is important that Northern Ireland has access to the skills necessary to develop our economy in the future and the Home Secretary is fully engaged on that issue.

“It was particularly appropriate that our meeting took place in the Grand Central Hotel, one of Belfast newest developments and provided Mr Javid with an opportunity to see how the skyline of Belfast is changing and the potential we have for the future.”

Source: https://www.newsletter.co.uk/business/foster-presses-home-secretary-to-make-it-easier-for-skilled-migrants-to-settle-in-ni-1-8946718

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