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Final Negotiations Begin For Increased Visa Access Between Australia & UK

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Author:  James Skinner

Australian Trade Minister, Dan Tehan, and UK Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss, are engaging in negotiations over the next 10 days before Prime Ministers Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson announce the deal at the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK.

“There are issues we continue to discuss around mobility, how we can get more ability for Brits and Australians to move between the two countries,” Tehan told Australian broadcaster ABC’s Insiders program.

Under existing rules, Australians aged 18 to 30 can only live and work in the UK for up to two years, while Britons aged under 30 can stay in Australia for up to three years if they do six months of “specified” regional work.

CANZUK International has worked with MPs and Ministers to increase both the age limits and lengths of such visas, eventually leading to free movement for all Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and British citizens under a unified CANZUK arrangement.

Talks have also focused on another initiative which CANZUK International has campaigned for, being the greater recognition of professional qualifications which would enable easier movement between the two countries for professionals such as lawyers, mechanics or accountants.

“There is a lot of fine detail that has to be worked through when it comes to these agreements,” Tehan said.

Both Ministers spoke on May 28th and will speak again on June 1st to finalize all outstanding provisions to implement a comprehensive trade deal, with mobility provisions, between Australia and the UK.

CANZUK International is delighted that provisions for greater mobility and trade are being discussed as part of an Australia-UK trade deal and will continue to lobby for similar arrangements to be implemented between all CANZUK countries.

Source: https://www.canzukinternational.com/2021/05/final-negotiations-begin-for-increased-visa-access-between-australia-uk.html


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