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EU FURY: Brussels and Hungary set for huge clash over nation’s migrant crackdown

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THE EUROPEAN Commission is poised to lash out at Hungary over the nation’s anti-immigration laws, which criminalise anyone who offers help to migrants, which Brussels says threaten the EU’s values.

Brussels has declared plans to denounce Hungary’s “stop Soros” legislation, introduced by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, which allegedly breaches EU asylum rules and

Brussels’ charter fundamental rights, EU diplomats claimed.

According to Hungarian law, anyone who is known to help immigrants will be criminalised and potentially jailed if caught.

The dispute between the Brussels bloc and Hungary has highlighted a new wave of EU intervention against member states, after the commission faced a showdown with Poland over their controversial judicial reforms.

EU chiefs are expected to write a letter to Mr Orban complaining over Hungary’s approval of the “stop Soros” law, according to EU diplomats.

Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister hit out at the EU, declaring that Budapest was ready to lash out at efforts to eradicate the law.

He said the government was “ready for the legal disputes and legal battle involved in the proceedings and will protect the Stop Soros Act, and by doing so will also protect the security of the Hungarian people.”

He said: “We have got used to the fact that we protect European interests and the security of the European people instead of Brussels, and this is also the case on this occasion.

“Brussels’ migration policy has brought danger on Europe, one of the consequences of which is that 29 major terrorist attacks have occurred in Europe during the past three-and-a-half years, which were committed by people with immigrant backgrounds.”

It is believed the commission could also bring the case to the European Court of Justice, if Budapest issues an unsatisfactory response to their letter.

In 2015, the European Court of Justice launched a case against Hungary over alleged breaches of EU asylum and returns procedures.

This comes after claims that migrants were held in transit centres for far extended periods of time, without access to proper asylum procedures.

Despite previous EU intervention, Hungary’s government gave the green light to the “stop Soros” law, following its won re-election in April this year.

The EU continues its battle with Poland over its judicial reforms, blasting the new legislation’s for breaching the union’s values.

Warsaw’s new reforms would allow the government to dismiss many of the country’s Supreme Court judges, lowering the retirement age of judges from 70 to 65 years – resulting in the removal of almost 40 percent of the Supreme Court.

Brussels has given Warsaw a one-month deadlines to answer its concerns.

The EU triggered Article 7 against Warsaw, requiring a vote by all member states, could see sanctions implemented against Poland and revoke the country’s voting rights within the bloc.
Hungary declared it would block such a move, if the EU were to take the same action against Budapest.

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