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CanadaVisa Social: Stay informed in 2019

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Author: Stephen Smith

CanadaVisa’s social media network provides more than two million followers with the latest in Canadian immigration news and information.  

If your New Year’s resolution is to stay up-to-date with developments in Canadian immigration, check out these social media options:

Follow our Facebook page for the latest posts from our news network, program updates, and advice for planning your future in Canada. Our two million-strong Facebook community is the largest Canadian immigration-focused Facebook community in the world! Like us today and join the discussion.



CanadaVisa’s Twitter feed is the place for breaking Canadian immigration news and updates, as well as tips and tricks to help guide your immigration process. Feel free to tweet us!



Our Instagram profile is where you will find photographs showcasing Canada’s breathtaking landscape and stories highlighting its citizens’ creative streak. Follow us today!


The CanadaVisa YouTube channel is where you will find videos on topics related to Canadian immigration and suggested playlists from our team. Our channel hosts a range of videos including immigration news updates, interviews with Attorney David Cohen, and playlists of Canadian cultural moments. We want to hear from you so leave a comment— it helps us to provide the content that you want! Interested in discovering your Canadian immigration options? Watch how CanadaVisa can help you!


If you are on LinkedIn, make sure to connect with CanadaVisa. If you would like to connect with Attorney David Cohen professionally, you may also find him on LinkedIn.


Join us on Google+ — where we share the same exclusive content that we share across all our social media channels. Check us out, and bookmark CanadaVisa as a reference.

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