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Campaign highlights: Farage pledges ‘political revolution’

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Jeremy Corbyn said he would return the Chagos Islands, while Boris Johnson announced plans for a stamp duty hike on non-UK residents.

Nigel Farage called for a cap on immigration as he set out the Brexit Party’s policy platform on Friday.

Launching the party’s “Contract With The People”, Mr Farage said all the party’s demands were underpinned by the need to secure a “clean-break Brexit” with the European Union.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn pledged to renounce British sovereignty of the remote Chagos Islands and Boris Johnson said foreign individuals wanting to buy property in England will be forced to pay more in stamp duty than UK residents.

Here are some of the highlights of Friday’s campaign trail

– The Brexit Party launched its ‘Contract With The People’

Nigel Farage unveiled the Brexit Party’s General Election policies, promising a “political revolution”.

The party’s pledges include halving the foreign aid budget, capping permanent immigration at 50,000 a year and scrapping VAT on fuel bills.

Also included were a promise to stop companies earning less than £10,000 a year paying corporation tax, a commitment to abolish the House of Lords, and a pledge to plant millions of trees to absorb carbon emissions.


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