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Calais migrants divided by chances of crossing Channel

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Author:  Lisa Holland, senior news correspondent, in Calais

The recent spike of boat crossings – largely by Iranians – has left an already frustrated African migrant community in Calais bitter and angry.

They are fully aware of the attention on the Iranians, and even seem irked at the desire of journalists to seek them out to tell the story about how they are managing to get across the Channel.

While Iranians plan to stay in Calais for the shortest possible time, the Africans we spoke to seem resigned to having to stay for months before their opportunity to get out arises.

His friend from Ethiopia has spent 10 months in Calais.

He has no aspirations of getting a boat, knowing it costs money he does not have. He plans to keep trying the old-fashioned method of smuggling himself into the back of a passing lorry or car.

Source: https://news.sky.com/story/calais-migrants-divided-by-chances-of-crossing-channel-11595116

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