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British holidaymaker’s shock after migrant boat lands near where she’s sunbathing

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Author: Jane Wharton

A British holidaymaker has recalled her shock after a boatload of migrants washed up as she sunbathed on a Spanish beach. Bethany Leith was relaxing on the Costa del Sol when around a dozen men jumped out of a boat after reaching land. Footage from her phone shows them run up the beach where the 20-year-old says they got into an awaiting vehicle.

Bethany, from Stoke-on-Trent, said: ‘I was just sunbathing on the beach when I heard this boat coming over. ‘I recognised the boat because the same thing had happened on Monday. I couldn’t believe there was going to be a second migrant drop on the beach in three days.

‘So I started to film and the boat came in so quickly that they just dived in the water and ran up the beach.

‘They knew where they were going as a man at the front was guiding them.

‘They all ran into a car and crammed in. ‘The guy at the front, who was leading them, then ran into the distance between the houses. I was really shocked. ‘It was quite scary to be honest because although they may be coming here for a better life, no-one knows whether their intentions are good or bad.’ The incident happened on September 5th but is the latest in a number of migrant ships landing on holiday beaches.

The men are suspected to have travelled from Morocco before they reached the popular Aldea beach. Spain has now overtaken Italy to become the fastest-growing route for migrants seeking to enter Europe from sub-Saharan Africa. It is understood that around 1,600 migrants reached Spanish shores over just a seven-day period in August.

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2018/09/07/british-holidaymakers-shock-after-migrant-boat-lands-near-where-shes-sunbathing-7923075/

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