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Brexit Party founder says Farage will ‘fill the streets with immigrants’

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The founder of the Brexit Party has complained that the party is not rightwing enough, and that its diversity and border policies stand ready to “fill the streets with immigrants”.

Catherine Blaiklock, who was expelled from the party after her Islamophobic statements came to light, complained that the party she set up is now “playing the Marxist identity and diversity politics game in the same way as every other major party”.

“Brexit party candidates are chosen for their identity – one white, one black, one brown, one Muslim, one Jewish, one transgender, one gay, one lesbian etc,” she fumed.

Writing for hard-right populist website Politicalite, she also slammed Brexit Party MEPs for promoting refugee sea rescue organisations and for “suporting” Green Party MEP Magid Magid.

“If you want someone who represents completely different politics, it is him,” she fumed. “He is an open-border, mass migration, liberal, Muslim, green globalist who probably wants to destroy the nation-state and all it stands for.”

The source of this apparent Brexit party-Green party alliance appears to be a tweet from Brexit party MEP Henrik Overgaard Nielsen who encouraged colleagues to support Magid at a charity dinner for Refugee Rescue. 
The Brexit Party also amplified Magid on Twitter after he wrote an opinion piece critical of the workings of EU parliament.

Blaiklock was previously accused of “stoking racism and anti-immigrant propaganda” after a tweet claiming NHS operations were being sold in Pakistan.

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Blaiklock said that although Farage’s politics have not changed, “leftwing advisors” are now running the show – presumably a reference to MEP and former Living Marxism founder Claire Fox.

The party’s “diversity politics that you hate” have nothing to do with Farage’s values, she warned, pointing out that he is a “big supporter” of Trump, Orban, Le Pen, and claimed that Salvini was his prodigy.

“I am pretty sure I know what Nigel believes,” she continued. “It is not open borders and diversity.”


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