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Brexit Party founder blames immigration policy for Islamophobia

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The disgraced founder of the Brexit Party has tweeted that immigration policy is to blame for the Islamophobia scandal that is currently being investigated in the Conservatives.

Catherine Blaiklock, who stood down from the party after her own Islamophobic views were exposed, seemed unrepentant when she shared a Daily Mail article about the Tories suspending some party members.

She said: “If we had not imported millions of migrants from totally different cultures and religions, none of this would be an issue.”

The tweet has been shared more than 1,100 times but had over 5,000 responses.

She made the inflammatory comment soon after the BBC exposed the sharing or ‘liking’ of anti-Muslim posts by numerous Tory party members.

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The party has suspended the members concerned and has launched an investigation.

In August, the former UKIP member was taken to task by an MP for falsely claiming that NHS operations are being sold in Pakistan to be performed at “Slough General” hospital – which doesn’t exist.

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Blaiklock stepped down from the Brexit Party in February when dozens of Islamophobic and racist tweets or retweets were exposed soon after she founded the party.

However, she still claims an association with the party through her Twitter handle, where she still has “BP” in the editable part of her handle.


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