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Brexit IMMIGRATION plans: May hints EU citizens WON’T get automatic rights to come to UK

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The Prime Minister stated the British people are seeking a fairer immigration system where all migrants are treated the same, without preferential treatment.

The new post-Brexit system is likely to be unveiled by the Prime Minister in her Conservative Party conference speech in Birmingham, and she has summoned members to a special meeting on September 24, only a week before.

However, during a BBC Panorama interview, Mrs May gave the strongest hint yet on what the blueprint will likely include regarding automatic rights for EU citizens.

Mrs May said: “What I’m very clear about is the message from the British people was very simple.

“It was they didn’t want a situation where they could see people coming from the European Union having those automatic rights in terms of coming here to the United Kingdom, and a set of rules for people outside the European Union.

“What we will be doing is putting forward a set of rules for people from the European Union and people from outside the European Union.”

Mrs May’s remarks could mean that when Britain leaves the bloc, European migrants could be subject to non-EU citizen restrictions, including visa applications.

Caps could also be put in place on the number of skilled and unskilled workers entering the UK from the EU.

However, Whitehall sources have predicted a tense showdown over migration due to concerns over the scheme from colleagues including Chancellor Philip Hammond and Business Secretary Greg Clark.

Mr Hammond was reported to want to promote a scheme which would not cut EU migration, so that the economy would continue to benefit from a constant supply of labour.

Nevertheless, Brexiteers are likely to welcome tougher rules on EU migration and will reject any plans that promote freedom of movement.

Passionate Brexiteer MP Liam Fox recently suggested the UK could use the end of freedom of movement in the aftermath of Brexit as a “tool” to lure international partners into investing more in the UK.

Speaking to Sophie Ridge on Sky News, the Tory Brexiteer said: “It’s about not having a system that’s skewed towards EU citizens.

“We need to see that that free movement is brought to an end.

“From the points I have been making, it’s very clear that it has its advantages, not just in terms of stopping public services being used by those who haven’t contributed, but it can be an extra tool in the box when it comes to future trade negotiations with other countries.”

Net migration fell below 250,000 for the first time in three tears earlier this year – but it remains over the promised 100,000 target first set by David Cameron in 2010.

Mrs May has previously hinted she will battle to get the level of immigration below 100,000 by 2022 – the end of the next five-year Parliament despite pressure from her own Cabinet to ditch the controversial target.

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