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Arrests at hunger strike protest over asylum evictions

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Author: Chris Foote

Two men have been arrested at a protest against the eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow.

Home Office housing provider Serco has threatened legal action against 330 overstaying tenants if they do not leave.

On Friday, two men were arrested after protesters attempted to chain the gates to an immigration office on Brand Street.

The men, aged 45 and 58, were charged with minor public order offences and were later released.

Mohammad Asif from the Scottish Afghan Society said around 40 people had taken part in a “peaceful protest” and tried to chain the gates as a “symbolic gesture”.

Two of the asylum seekers at threat of eviction are holding a hunger strike at the Home Office’s building on Brand Street.

Rahman Shah, 32, and Mirwais Ahmadzai, 27, have gone without food or drink since Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Govan Law Centre is taking legal action to halt the evictions.

It is seeking an interdict at the Court of Session on behalf of a woman living in the south side of Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council is also examining ways it could intervene.

Serco has already sent notices to six people whose asylum applications have been rejected, warning their locks will be changed on Monday.

Around 100 of the 330 asylum seekers facing eviction have been granted refuge in the UK.

However, Serco has no responsibility to house asylum seekers once their applications have been determined by the Home Office.

Serco claims it has spent £1m housing the 330 overstaying asylum seekers free of charge – in some cases for several months after their applications were decided.



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