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Ambiguity in migration and global sustainability

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AUTHOR: Surya Rayamajhi

Today, the boundary between countries is limited in political sense. The demarcation of border to separate countries has become out of date due to globalization. The world has become global village due to migration. The citizen of one country can become citizen of another. It is not necessary to be in a particular country to do business. We can maintain closeness by remaining in distance and at the same time, we are living in distance even though we are very close to each other due to our busy schedule.

The so called migration, in whatever form it may be is basically for the better opportunities in life for the migrants. The opportunity can be learning new skills, setting new life, getting right job or can be finding right career choice. On the other hand, nation handling migrants wants to utilize the migrants potential up to maximum for the benefit of the host nation. Skills shortage will be filled by these migrants so that business sectors won’t be affected and at the same time budget deficit will be subsidized for the government to some extent. The situation seems win-win for both parties for short term. But, after several years the scenario will change.

Now, migrants become burden to the host nation. The flow of immigrants is so high that there will be no more skill shortages. Migrants were lured to migrate with the hope of various opportunities available, but are unaware of the change of scenario taking place. Even though, the influx is so high towards developed nation that developing and under-developed nation is losing skilled and young people day by day. This one directional migration influx is creating global sustainability in danger, for which many people are not aware of .

We measure global sustainability only in terms of environmental factors and rate of resources exploitation. But, migration is becoming a fundamental factor in present context for measuring global sustainability. Social cohesion has been broken, migrants are living away from family for better future, inequality among nations with financial gap is rising, and finance oriented world led dissatisfaction among people with their earnings. These are creating unrest in many countries.

It means are we really heading towards sustainable world or we are just focusing on individual prosperity whether by building own home or nation? Do we really care our mother earth who gave us land, water, and air for our survival ? Are we ready to pass our glory of advancement to our future generations without limiting the life expectancy of our globe? These are all still ambiguous to me. What is your opinion?

SOURCE: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ambiguity-migration-global-sustainability-surya-rayamajhi/

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