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10 Canadian tech startups that are hiring right now

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Author: CIC News

Looking for work in Canada’s thriving tech start-up scene? 

The Toronto-based MaRS innovation hub has published a list of high-growth Canadian startups with current job openings.

Nine of the 10 companies listed here are located in Toronto, where tech job growth has outpaced San Francisco in recent years.

In their own words: “Drop is a financial technology company focused on bringing value to millennials. Drop is designed to fit into any lifestyle — anyone can earn rewards, even if they don’t use a credit card. Together, we are helping our members get rewarded every day. Without adding debt, or charges.”

Current job openings: Frontend Engineer, Data Infrastructure Engineer, Dev-Ops Engineer, Business Operations & Strategy Associate, Community Manager, Customer Support Lead, Email Marketing Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, VP of Growth Marketing,

Location: Toronto

In their own words: “Myant Inc. was created to develop Textile Computing and enable innovative solutions for healthcare, wellness and other industries … Myant is on a mission to improve the lives of billions with functional fashion and fabrics.

Current job openings: Biomedical Signal Processing Engineer, Director of Software Engineering, Firmware Engineer, Flat Knitting Programmer, Industrial Designer, Product Developer, Senior Electrical Engineer, UX and UI Designer,

Location: Toronto

In their own words: “We give businesses powerful new ways to connect with their customers and their employees, and answer questions, complete purchases, or transact anytime using natural language AI.”

Current job openings: AI Data Analyst, Director Sales, Intermediate Java Developer, Senior Java Developer, Digital Project Manager, Front End and Mobile Developer, Digital Project Manager, Front End and Mobile Developer

Locations: Toronto and Kitchener, Ontario

In their own words: “Tulip’s mission is to empower next generation retail workers with world-class mobile-first, cloud-first enterprise software that transforms the in-store experience.”

Current job openings: Product Manager, Project Manager, Senior API Technical Writer, Senior Developer – PHP/MySQL, Software – PHP/MySQL, Technical Lead,


Location: Toronto

In Their Own Words: “Think Research’s mission is to organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care.”

Current job openings: Business Development Associate, Business Development Representative, Clinical Education Specialist, Clinical Quality Specialist, DevOps Engineer,


Location: Montreal

In Their Own Words: “Flinks is a data company that empowers businesses to provide better financial services to consumers, by connecting users bank accounts, providing financial insights and credit risk intelligence.”

Current job openings: Data Scientist, Financial Controller, Senior C# Service Reliability Specialist, C# Reliability Specialist, Acceleration Strategist – Recruiter

Source: https://www.cicnews.com/2019/04/10-canadian-tech-startups-that-are-hiring-right-now-0412214.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter-20190425#gs.7g67tr

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