Tommy Robinson served with legal letter over ‘defamation’ of attacked Syrian refugee

Author: Lizzie Dearden

Lawyers representing a Syrian boy who was attacked at school have served a legal letter at Tommy Robinson’s home in an attempt to sue him for defamation.

Members of the public donated £10,300 for legal action against the anti-Islam activist after he posted a series of videos and Facebook posts about the incident in October.

Footage of the 15-year-old victim being pushed to the ground and having water poured on his face sparked outrage, and police continue to investigate the incident in Huddersfield.

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Amid prominent media coverage, Mr Robinson posted a series of videos on his Facebook account accusing the boy of bullying and claiming “lots of Muslim gangs are beating up white English kids” in Britain.

The anti-Islam activist’s page, which was deleted last week as he was permanently banned from Facebook, had more than 1 million followers and the posts on the Huddersfield incident were viewed up to 900,000 times each.