People hugely overestimate the number of immigrants and Muslims in the UK


The British public hugely overestimate the number of immigrants in the UK.

On average, the public guess that the UK population is made up of 24% immigrants.

In fact, the real number of immigrants is around half that, contributing 13% of the overall population.

Brits’ perceptions are also way out when estimating how much of the population is made up of Muslims.

A survey by Ipsos MORI suggests the public estimate the UK population is made up of 17% Muslims, however in reality, Muslims made up less than a third of that total, at just 4%.

Meanwhile, the public’s perception of crime and the prison system is also out of sync with reality.

Seven in ten Brits (71%) think more people are killed by knives than firearms or other violence when in reality knives only account for 25% of all deaths across the three types of interpersonal violence.

The public also largely overestimate the scale of overcrowding in prisons in Britain. The average guess is that prisons are at 143% of capacity when the actual figure is 108%.

Sadly, Brits majorly underestimate the shocking scale of sexual harassment in the UK.

The public estimate around half of British women (over the age of 15) have been subject to sexual harassment. In reality, over two in three women have been harassed at 68%.