EU migrants living in Britain will be allowed to stay whether there’s a Brexit deal or not, cabinet paper reveals


EU migrants living in Britain will be given the right to stay in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit due to fears of labour shortages, Cabinet papers reveal.

The papers state Britain will take the ‘moral high ground’ by agreeing to allow EU migrants to live in the UK, access the NHS and claim benefits, the Daily Telegraph reported last night.

The offer for EU citizens will be set out in one of 83 technical papers which detail contingency arrangements in the event of no-deal.

The paper, given to ministers last month, describes the rights of EU citizens as ‘one of the most important aspects’ of no-deal planning.

It warns there will be ‘handling risks’ if the Government fails to honour the commitments it made on citizens’ rights in December 2017.

The papers reveal all 3.8million EU migrants in the UK would get the entitlement to stay and continue to enjoy access to healthcare, benefits and pensions.

They will also be able to bring spouses and ‘close family members’ from abroad to live with them in the UK.

It states: ‘The Home Office plans to make an offer to existing EU residents that they can remain in the UK in a “no-deal” scenario, in effect unilaterally implementing the (immigration element of the) Citizens’ Rights agreement agreed with the EU in December 2017.

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