Border force intercepts more suspected migrants in the English Channel

By Chris Robertson, news reporter

The operation is the third in the English Channel in the last week as increasing numbers of migrants attempt to get to the UK.

A group of suspected migrants in a small dinghy have been intercepted by a Border Force cutter in the English Channel.

The group’s rescue – which was filmed by a Sky News helicopter – is the latest in a string of attempts in the last few weeks by migrants to cross the Channel to British shores.

At the scene was an RNLI lifeboat, as well as HMCC Vigilant, a Border Force cutter ship which patrols the south coast.
It is thought there were five people on board the small boat, although some estimates have placed the figure closer to nine.

As part of the operation, the suspected migrants were transferred to a rescue boat, before being taken to the HMCC Vigilant to be carried to shore.

Two boats of suspected migrants from Iran were picked up on Monday, on Sunday a family of seven were found near Kingsdown after an empty dinghy was spotted in the Channel, and 34 migrants were rescued in Dover last week.

In a statement, the Home Office said: “Border Force is currently dealing with an ongoing small boat incident in the Channel.