BBC pulls immigration video which claims ‘Britain was multicultural long before curry and carnival’ after complaints it’s biased


The BBC has taken down an educational film about immigration after complaints that it was biased.

The animated film, aimed at GCSE students, contained claims that Britain was “multicultural long before curry and carnival” and “there’s no such thing as a true Brit”.

But it was removed from YouTube amid accusations it broke impartiality rules.

One part which claimed immigration had fuelled a “huge rise” in support for right-right politics came in for particular criticism.

The clip, part of the BBC’s ‘Don’t Hate the Debate’, series, begins with a voiceover which states: “Think immigration’s a recent thing? Think again.”

It continues: “Because, you see, you’ve got the Celts, the Romans, the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings, the Normans, the Flemish, the Irish, black Britons and Jewish people.

“Yup, we were multicultural long before curry and carnival. It’s in our DNA. There’s no such thing as a pure Brit, despite what some flag wavers would have you believe.”

A BBC spokesperson told the Standard: “Don’t Hate the Debate is a series of films designed to help teachers enable classroom debates about topical issues.

“Each film includes a real debate between four young people, all giving their views on a topic.

“While we believe the film did convey the broad elements of the immigration debate, we accept further efforts could have been made to involve contributors with a more diverse range of opinions, so we removed the video.”